Do we eat to live or live to eat?

Pastry chef Miki Lev chooses the second option. The culinary experience he produces for groups and organizations, food is far more than food, it is a life story. A story about people, a story about a place, a story about traditions, feelings, desires and the fulfillment of dreams. Miki’s unique dining stations bring his guests a connection not only between visitors and the area, but also between the participants themselves. The pleasure of tastes connects to the power of storytelling and shared experience Ensures a memorable collective memory.

What do we offer?

  • Formation days for companies that combine culinary, tours, ODT, challenging activities.
  • Culinary tours for groups.
  • Senior citizen groups
  • Friday tours incorporating the local farmers market
  • Culinary Village
    • A location built specifically for you where we have a wide range of activities.
  • Cooking and baking workshops for groups all over the country.
  • Active chef meals for groups and families across the country.
  • Concept workshops: October Fast, Greek Tavern, New Middle East, viva italia,
  • Goodmoodfood market – a competitive, tasty and solid culinary game for high-tech companies
  • Gift Boxes
  • Online workshops
  • Taster Welcome reception (tea, coffee, cakes and pastries on arrival)

Workshops with teens from Residential Children's homes

Miki Lev proudly presents the amazing venture that he is taking part in alongside The Sweet Shades Association. Meet the amazing youth who have come from deprived or troubled homes, now living in Emona Neve Michael Youth Village. We professionally train the youth to make the products giving them the opportunity to learn valuable skills. The boys are paid for their work as part of their preparation for life in Israeli society. All preparation for the workshops as well as cakes and pastries for your welcome reception will be done by these youths, especially for you! Sales revenue gives these young people, work hours, training and preparation for the job market!

Kosher Mehadrin !!!

“The love of food is the essence of the whole story”
I decided to go after my love of eating. I have taken on every culinary challenge from individual workshops, children’s workshops, family workshops and corporate workshops. Thanks to a culinary moment I went through, I decided to create a culinary experience in the amazing area I live in today. My desire is to connect the story of communities in the area and their connection to culinary, while adhering to a number of important principles:
Helping the local economy, exposing area communities, helping the community – working with at-risk youth.

Miki’s Story

My name is Miki Lev and I am a 43 year-old, Confectionery Chef. Until 2013 Tel Aviv I owned a large family textile business where I was the Head of marketing. Raised by an amazing artist mother and growing up with a gifted architect for a sister, I always seemed to be the one who lacked the artwork. My affair with food started from childhood, losing and gaining weight regularly. I spent years teaching myself how to cook and spent thousands of hours of experimenting and wondering. In 2013, due to the economic crisis in Europe, I decided to fulfill my dream. I closed the company and enrolled in the professional confectionery course at Bishlim, one of the top three cookery schools in the country and recognized worldwide. Every day was an experience for Valfruna in my life I got up with a great desire and desire to learn about this wonderful world. When I graduated I felt I was still lacking in knowledge and signed up for training with the best chefs from Paris. I worked and learned from the best confectioners in the country.After years of self-searching, I found my purpose. Teaching the secrets of the world of confectionery, hosting and giving people new experiences through the food. The story is not over here, come, join me and be part of the sequel. I invite you to a different, educational, fun and fulfilling experience. My name is Miki Lev I live and breathe culinary!!! I look forward to welcoming you to share the experience. Miki Lev